Our Approach

Global Directors seeks and achieves corporate intimacy with our clients in order to understand their business values, resources, strategies and goals and effect the required internal and external transformations to achieve business deliverables.

We listen objectively to understand each client’s vision and strategy, analyze their capabilities and discuss their requirements, then work hand in hand with the organization’s senior leadership to set in motion key actions toward goal achievement. We identify merger and acquisition and joint venture targets for our clients, examine corporate cultural and value alignment, match client and target company goals and assess synergetic benefits, creating opportunities for win-win transformations.

Global Directors Group brings enhanced value to our clients by engaging in conversations and negotiations with government representatives and regulatory agencies with sway over our clients’ business investments. Externally, we advise on M+A and J/V opportunities, examine corporate cultural and value alignment, match clients and target company goals, and assess synergetic benefits creating win-win transformations.

Both Global Advisors Group LLC and Global Directors Group LLC are advisory firms. Neither Global Advisors Group LLC or Global Directors Group LLC are brokers nor do they conduct any intermediary or brokerage activities.